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Welcome to the shotgun page!

This is the home of all things shotgun related at Saegertown Area Sportsmen's Club.  Specific shotgun related teams can be found in the drop down under the shotgun tab.

Tuesday Night League runs from April 18th through August 29th.

Wobbles and Doubles run from September 5th through October 10th.

Sign-ups to shoot are from 4-7 PM every Tuesday during the season.


Tom Anderson

John Ogrady

Logan Gage

Landon Pierce

Russ Dempsey

Larry Price

Con Shearer

Justin Crawford

Sean Pencer

Mason Groner

Alex Ogrady

Cameron Ward

Trevor Raney

Adam Miller

Kade Paris

Hunter Markham

Levi English

Bob Nielson

Chris Layton

Tyler King

Austin Brumbah

Fayelynn Wright

MaryAnn Birchard

Don Donikowski

Barb Parker

Adam Raney

Rich Johnson

Kaiden McClintock

Joel Stone

Rachel  Barner

Darrell English

Jayce Taylor

Nathan Barner

Jason Adams

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